Daniel Patterson is an allrounder, coming in at number 6 — bats and can roll the arm over.

Having returned from Scotland where he completed his PhD in theological ethics under Brian Brock and Stanley Hauerwas, Dan now lives with his wife and two girls in Bulgaria.

Dan lectures in theology and ethics at St. Trivelius Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria. He is also an adjunct researcher at Sheridan College, Perth, Australia.  

His particular research interests include gender, sexuality, and the body. This finds particular expression where theology and the gender theory of Judith Butler intersect. Further to this, Dan reads in continental philosophy, queer theory, feminism, and is concerned with church/state relations.  

In Absentia

The protest without voice

The rally without a banner 

The outrage without a grimace

The sadness without a tear

The riot without a handkerchief

The petition without a scratch  

The outcry without a whimper

The uproar without a chant

The plea without dirty knees

The demonstration without gathering

The grief without a prayer

The revolution without a revolt


The quiet

Tick tack tack *pause*


A life in absentia


Tick tack tack, tack tack…

The Death of Her (Words)

The True Life by Alain Badiou